Princess Charming; An Original One Woman Musical

Instant Grit

It finally happened! I have actually turned my life into a musical. (Well, technically it is SEMI-autobiographical, but don't worry. It's still just as nuts!) Simply put, this is a one act, one woman musical that I would classify as a dramedy. To give you an idea of the show, some of the original songs titles are "Someday I'll Find the Right D-Bag for Me", "Red Flag Parade", and "The Accidental Fluffer." Yeah, things get weird. 

I had the help of some really talented friends help make this happen so I hope everyone can come out. John R Brennan, from Off Broadway's Banana Monologues is the director, and responsible for helping actually create the show. Professional musician, Kelly Harrington Eldridge is my talented composer. There will be two chances to see the show. Thursday, May 15th at 8pm, and Saturday, May 17th at 10pm. This is the PREMIERE of this show, so please help spread the word. We want to fill every seat! Thanks to all my family and friends for their support! Special shout out to Joshua Christian for the photoshoot and poster design! I hope to see you all there!

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