Pretty Lights Music Label Explodes in Charleston

Pretty Lights Music Label has some of the top names in electronic music under its umbrella. Check out our recap of their performance at the Music Farm last week.


The place was packed last Thursday night when the Pretty Lights Music Keepin’ It Crew Tour came to the Music Farm, and PLM events typically bring the most interesting of characters out of the woodwork. The place was a non-stop groove fest all night long, with eclectic tunes by entourage Michal Menert, Supervision, Eliot Lipp, and Paul Basic. It was an expectedly interesting show, considering each DJ showcased their own style and then smoothly transitioned to brand-new collaborations on stage. The crowd went wild for the lasers bouncing off disco balls and the blend of music, which ranged from trap to funk, that was being created and improvised as the show ensued. The energy between the artists was tangible to the audience, who gave it right back to them. Paul Basic from Fort Collins, Colorado, added his special touch to the night by keeping the beat with some electronic drumming. Michal Menert, who some would refer to as "the Godfather" of electronic music, played some of his most popular songs, like “In The Morning,” “Feeling Better,” and “Where Do You Go?” Supervision, one of my favorite artists since his release of the futuristic electronic EP Telekinetic this past summer, killed it on his turntable. The quartet also gave tribute to Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights by mixing with “Yellow Bird” and “Color of My Soul,” a few hits off his most recent album, A Color Map of the Sun. Many songs were recognizable classics; however, I heard completely new material when Michal Menert and Paul Basic collaborated on stage playing songs off their upcoming Half Color EP. Menert and Eliot Lipp also performed a new jazzy collaboration track together called “Jaques Nouveau.” Much to the audience's enjoyment, the four artists pulled from the old to make the new, sampling records from the '70s, including some really good country vinyl. They are only growing and improving as artists, and backed by the founder of Pretty Lights Music, their opportunities are endlesssomething to keep an ear out for. 

There was plenty of merchandise for sale at the show, and pin trading was going on everywhere in the audience. A few friends and I hung out after the show to see what goodies they had and were lucky enough to get Eliot Lipp to sign a record. My good friends even ended up hanging out with the crew on their tour bus after the show and confirmed that the PLM guys truly are the coolest, most down-to-earth individuals.


If you haven't heard the band yet, give it a listen here: