Prep Perfection... Okay, Over-Perfection

Instant Grit

This just found: A video from Sperry Topsider’s Spring 2012 photo shoot. The shoot's storyline appears to be a run-of-the-mill triple date set here in the Lowcountry... (Warning: The perfection you’ll soon see may be a bit hard to stomach.)


Within the first 10 seconds we get a golden retriever, perfectly shaved and sculpted pecs, wavy-haired blondes, croquet mallets, bikini-wearing beach joggers, and a sailboat.


This fictional date goes on to include:

More bikinis

A pedicab ride along—no wait, actually on—the Battery

Another sailboat

Hair swoops

Dock dancing

Football on the beach


Golf carts


Bike rides

Gorgeous ladies riding handlebars during bike rides

Porch swing flirtin'


More croquet


Topsiders (...finally)

Madras shorts

Madras pants

A sunset

And (duh!) more bikini-clad beach babes, this time jogging in slow-mo


Too much? Just enough? Take a watch and let us know what you think.