Party Pics from the Charleston Grit Blog-Worthy Holiday Bash

Instant Grit


As you can see HERE, we handed out some pretty cool Gritty awards last night. The occasion? The Charleston Grit Blog-Worthy Holiday Bash (and Third Quarter Awards). It all went down at Mynt, 135 Calhoun Street. If you haven't been there, you've gotta go. They've got a great outdoor patio tucked in back, a loungey vibe up front, and some damn good quesadillas. (Quick but worthwhile plug: they're offering a $50 credit for any office party booked during the season. HIGHLY recommend...) Also, big thanks to The Cake Stand on James Island, who did our party favor cookies. Check them out in the gallery above—aren't they good-looking? Tasty, too.


Enjoy the party pictures! (Click once on a photo to see it with captions.)


Photographs by Ruta Elvikyte