November Playlist

Tim Brennan


There have been so many good releases from local Charleston bands that I have not had time to review all of them.


So, instead of the usual reviews, I’m going to try something different here at Grit. If I can, I’ll create a new Spotify playlist each month of a few songs from local bands, along with comments. Please take the time to listen, check them out, and buy music from the ones you like.




November 2014 Charleston Local Playlist includes:


Loners Society “LaGrange”

Matt Megrue has a revolving cast of musicians in Loners Society. He needs them to keep up with his constantly evolving sound. In “LaGrange”, Matt has masterfully told his music life story in classic alt-country style. This recording was captured in one live session and helped Loners Society secure a small-time record deal.


Band Of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You – Live Acoustic”

Earlier this year. BofH released their Acoustic At The Ryman CD, featuring live acoustic versions of some of their best songs. During last month’s stretch of rainy days, that CD was on constantly in my car. Something about their songs is just made for rainy days. It’s a great track on their studio record, but this live recording captures a sense of longing.


Rachel Kate “Dancing Shoes”

While Rachel may have left town for Nashville, she dropped a wonderful debut CD on us last year. “Dancing Shoes” may not be the best work on her CD, but it’s the most radio ready, with a classic pop/folk/country style. It’s a great introduction to her work.


Matt MacKelcan “Here’s To The Night”

Confession time: I cowrote this song. Primarily the chorus. So I’m biased. For Matt’s third CD, he went out to LA and worked with the guitar player for Matt Nathanson to hone his songwriting and arrangements. Sure, I’ve known MacKelcan for years, and we have worked on songs together. But what he brought back from his travels surprised me. There is a lot to like on this record, and I hope it brings Matt some well-deserved success (read: income).


Slow Runner “Auto-Happy”

Ahh, Slow Runner is no longer an entity. But this nugget was picked up for some commercials last year and lives on long past the band. The first four songs in my playlist here are a little slow tempo. Listen to “Auto-Happy” and try to get the keyboard melody out of your head. You can’t do it.


If you like any of these songs, please listen to more by these artists. Then buy their music. Or even better—attend a show.