Jeanne Everett

In the ever changing music scene, Charleston is growing diverse left and right.

John Stamps is making his mark and left his stamp in the Charleston music scene when he performed at The Tin Roof last week.


The Indianapolis, IN native is on tour and stopped in The Holy City for a show last week.


He is full of strong vocal cords to match his lyrics, a style that is unique as much as he is and an energy that I can only get with the help of expresso (or vodka and redbull).






I sat down with John and asked him about his band, his style and his passion. Read below:





1) What Does Your Band Name Mean?



I got really drunk one night and changed it to be funny? (still not really sure) Couldn't figure out how to change it back once i was sober for like a month. That happened to be around the same time I had started making music.


2) Who Are Your Biggest Influences?


I find a lot of influence in my home town. Artist like Sirius Blvck, Oreo Jones, Mathaius Young, and tons more. On a main stream scale I really like Travis Scott, Vince Staples, Brockhampton, Young Thug, Asap Rocky and just about anything coming out of Chicago right now.


3) What’s Your Songwriting/Rap writing Process?



My good bud knags is my producer. We live down the street from each other. Usually he will start working on a beat from scratch and I will sit in and start constructing either a melody or a general structure for the song. So as he builds the beat, I build the lyrics.



4) How did you start touring? Whats that process like?


I started touring with a collective called Ghost Gun Summer in 2014. We went out for a month our first time out on the road. The process is just putting in the effort. All the information anyone needs to book a tour is there, its just a matter of wanting to do it bad enough. A lot of these booking agents who start poking their heads out when you reach a certain point in your career can't do anything for you that you couldn't do for yourself.


5) What are your favorite musicians/artists to listen to off and on the road?


The music we play on the road normally depends on what part of the country we're experiencing. Lots of country on this tour. No genre discrimination either. If we drive through Malibu i will be damned if we don't throw that new Miley Cyrus on.


6) What is your favorite city to tour?


The marijuana cities.


7) Your style is unique, where do you draw influences from?


The ability to upset or impress a complete stranger by the way one dresses will never get old to me. I like expressing myself anyway I can.


To read more about John Stamps click here. To listen to his music / purchase music click here.