National Lots-a Lit-Stuff Week/Month

Grab a poem, or a dozen, go ahead~crack it open. Scramble it up. Read the words over and over again, over easy. Hatch something poetic in National Poetry Month and National Library Week.


Now that Peeps have had their moment of fluffy artificial glory and jelly beans are half-price at CVS, it’s time to bite into something beyond a sugar high, so why not a real Whitman’s sampler?


We’re well into National Poetry Month...


And just kicking off National Library Week...


And sliding closer and closer to National Silence Day and National Dialogue Day, which overlap and  interrupt each other on Tax Day—go figure….


So in honor of poems and libraries and our good words and  taxes that hopefully will keep both poems and libraries alive and kickin, here are a few links for your enjoyment:


  • Poetry lovers, check out the wonderful graceful choreography of Poem Flow. It’s the Cadbury Creme Egg of apps—delivering crisp verses and lovely lines in decadently smooth oozy deliciousness.