Jeanne Everett

The myth of An Atom is quite the show - no ya'll, seriously.

Charleston locals, now NYC residents, visual designer Christian Hannon and musician/producer, Fallen Atom put on a show that is raw, real and eccentric. But the best part? It is all mixed and played LIVE. No pre-recorded music pieces in this.



Founder and Creative Director of Charleston Arts Festival, Andrew Walker created this event as a way for creatives to gather. It brings new and old talents to the front lines for Charleston viewers while also supporting the arts and creative community within Charleston.

Personally, as an art student in college, I would've loved something like this to apply my skills/talents to a show. It would have been the perfect place where I can test the creative waters and yet feel comfortable being surrounded by like-minded creative Charlestonians.



The Charleston Arts Festival presented an amazing show last night called, Myth Of An Atom at Redux's newest location on King Street. (Which is fabulous! Talk to Greg, who is amazing at keeping Redux curated, hoppin' and boppin!)

The show consisted of the creatives, visual designer Christian Hannon and musician/producer, Fallen Atom . They wore all white, stood behind a white sheet that faced the crowd with an all-white background backdrop behind them.

This gave the crowd something to discuss while sipping on wine at Redux. How was this going to be presented? What did their music sound like?



While mixing the sounds from hip-hop, R&B, electronic and some notes of jazz, the result is beautiful. It is visually pleasing as well as pleasant to stop, stare and listen to the beats. Everyone in the room couldn't help but listen, dance and be in AWE!

The imagery that appears on the screen in front of these musicians, is just amazing. All the imagery is created by Hannon's projection and creates this holographic effect that explores science, music, and art all in one. It's a perfect experiment of light, sound, and movement that creates a party that is ageless. Seriously, the audience was filled with men and women of all ages, styles, careers, and tastes. It was touching to see a variety of Charleston's locals that supported this event!

While feet moved, hips swayed and phones recorded the experience, I can't put it perfectly into words, but I was speechless. Thus, I HIGHLY suggest you attend tonight for the final performance that will even be unique to last night's show! $15 online or even can be purchased at the door - click here.