Myth of an Atom: A Display of Color, Vibration, and Sound

Kasey Baltz

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A display of color, vibration, and sound, Myth of An Atom was an everlasting event. Myth of an Atom is back for its third year at the Charleston Arts Festival and performed two shows this past weekend. The two performances were on October 5 and 6 at the Footlight Players Theater. 

These musicians were spot on with performance and visuals. This was truly like no other show! Two screens showed amazing and dynamic images ranging from a warped solar system to electric colored mandolins, creating a truly alluring experience. The music was a mixture of classic jazz, rock, alternate, and techno combined into a therapeutic melody.

This virtual experience was created by the visual designer NON visuals and musician/producer Fallen Atom. Friends since high school, these two have melded their creativities into one. Atom, a Charleston native, plays guitar and bass. His style consists of electro-future bass productions and interlaces Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Rock, and Jazz together. He has a jazz studies degree from College of Charleston as well as Queens College. He now resides in Brooklyn, NY. His friend, Christian Hannon, is also a Charleston native and a New York-based digital artist known as NON Visuals. He specializes in audiovisual experiences called “projection mapping.” Pairing the live music with his moving 3D structures provides a visually stimulating experience for the audience. This is definitely a recommended show to go, sit back, and relax.