May 31, 2013

Instant Grit

And the Blog of the Week is... Steve Martin & Bluegrass: A Wild & Crazy Show by Devin Grant, where he gave us lines like:


  "I like to think of my banjos as my children, which means that one of them probably isn't mine."


  "I don't like to think of Steep Canyon Rangers as my band. Instead, I think of myself as their celebrity."


  "My Masseuse is Too Chatty" 


So now that we're in a Steve Martin state of mind, we thought we'd pass along some vintage Martin antics to pass the afternoon on this gorgeous Friday, the last one in May. These might help those of you chained to the desk.... 


(By the way, we had to drop EVERYTHING to screen these old Martin videos and find a good batch... You're welcome. Tough Friday over here at Grit.)


After he bathes his cat and argues with the spotlight guy, this one's got some mean banjo... 



Perhaps this is what would happen if he and his Czechoslovakian brother hit Spoleto?



....Or if he entered that diving contest we suggested you coordinate in last week's blog?



And this one's just some good gritty humor. You don't get better than The Great Flydini on a Friday...