Looking for Summer Camps in Charleston? Try Isla Surf School

Haley Moore

As Spring Break is approaching, parents are beginning to plan their kids’ summers. Many are probably left scrambling as to what to do with their kids during the summer. After all, no one wants to be stuck at home all summer with screaming kids, full of energy, tearing up the house and all its contents. And the kids themselves probably don’t want to go to just another “boring” summer camp. Coming from someone who went to day camp all day, every summer, it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had. We did the same activities day after day. So why not let your kids try something and exciting this summer? Something that they truly want to do?


Isla Surf School located on Folly Beach is offering summer surf camps for kids. The sessions start May 28th and run weekly until August 17th. The camps run 9am to 1pm Monday through Friday and are open to kids ages five and up. Space is limited with only 10 slots available per week and the Early Bird price for summer camps is $340, but will be increasing to $370 closer to the summer. Discounts are offered for multiple children and military families.


Your kids will get the best instruction from the Isla Surf team with a three-to-one camper to instructor ratio. All equipment including surfboards, rash guards, water and tents are provided with all instructors being Lifeguard Certified.



During camp kids will learn surf skills or be able to improve upon their existing surf skills, as well as gain knowledge about the ocean ecosystem, safety and surfing etiquette. There will be an abundance of activities for kids to participate in outside of surfing including beach games and trips around Folly.

I know, adults, you are probably wishing you could go to adult surf camp. You can! Isla Surf School offers adult surfing lessons daily. There are a variety of packages depending on your group size ranging from individual lessons, semi-private lessons, and group lessons. Isla Surf School also offers a private five lesson package for adults. It’s never too late to find a new hobby you enjoy!


So instead of sending your kids to “just another” summer camp or having to deal with them under your feet all summer, why not give them a memorable experience that they will be talking about for years? Who knows, you may just peak a new interest with your kids.