Lewis Brice Performs at Wrenn Stock Music Festival

Betsey Geier

On Saturday, Lewis Brice will headline the Wrenn Stock Music Festival in Hanahan, South Carolina.

Brice, who lived in Charleston for five years before moving to Nashville, is really looking forward to getting back to the Charleston area.

“This is only my second show back in Charleston that I’ve played since I moved,” Brice said.

Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, Brice grew up in a musical family. He’s close with his family and looks to his parents’ work ethic and his brother’s first-hand experience in the music business as a guide. But, he’s forging his own path and has a unique sound.

His musical influences range from country to rock and roll to hip-hop. Growing up, he listened to country music, but when he moved to Charleston, he “got into rock and roll and the jam band scene.”

From there, he started listening to country music again. He cites Garth Brooks, Marshall Tucker Band, Johnny Cash and even Tupac as musical influences.

Brice’s music is at the intersection of country, southern rock and R&B. One of his current singles of his self-titled EP, Best Ex Ever, is “kind of a half-true story,” Brice said.

“I found myself in a sticky situation and had one phone call with a pay phone,” Brice said. He called an ex-girlfriend from two years ago. “Funny enough, it was a girl I had dated in Charleston.”

She answered that collect call from Brice and helped him out of that sticky situation.

“That’s why she’s the best ex ever,” Brice said with a laugh.

Messin’ with my Mind is one of the songs Brice particularly enjoys from the EP. “I really get to sing on that one,” he said.

Looking back over his EP, Brice notes that there are a lot of songs about former girlfriends.

“That EP is kind of where I was in my life and what I went through to get where I am now,” Brice said.

Now, Brice is looking forward to playing a few upcoming festivals and releasing new music.

The new single that he is pushing is Alabama. He wrote Alabama with his brother, Lee Brice.

“It’s kind of a party song. It’s what we grew up doing,” Brice said.

Don’t miss Lewis Brice at Wrenn Stock on Saturday, May 19 at The Channel at Bowen Apartment Homes. This free concert is open to the public.