Last-Minute Beauty Holiday Shopping With a Touch of Luxury

Andrew C. Petersen


I may write beauty, I may sell beauty, and God knows that I live beauty. I have made a living in beauty retail and all the aspects of it. I have had the good fortune of traveling the world doing starlet's makeup, but yes, even I have an issue when it comes to making the trip across town to purchase beauty products for my friends and family for the holidays!


I have missed the days that Saks Fifth Avenue graced the corner of Market Street and King Street downtown and have been at a loss of where to go to get the best in beauty in our fair and savvy city. Two months ago, I went to the grand reopening of Belk Town Center. Maybe it was the wonderful cocktails or bumping into to some of my Charleston favorites, but whatever it was, I really did not stop and take in the beauty, the glamour, and the new upscale look and bountiful products that our Southern namesake department store was offering.


Frantic and list in hand, I rushed over there just two days ago. On my list was the best of fragrance, a fab rich moisturizer for my mom, and, of course, some beautiful holiday makeup colors for my dear friends. Disappointed I was not. I left with with much more than I was frantically in search of—mounds of beauty product, a pair of slippers and luxurious robe for my mom, and a timeless piece of jewelry for the love of my life.


Let me just give you a quick rundown of my holiday treasures and ensure you that while we may not have Saks downtown, we now have a brick-and-mortar piece of heaven in our very own Mount Pleasant (with free parking, I might add).


Let's start with moisturizer, and let's keep it clear and simple. I was so delighted to see a beautiful Creme de La Mer counter. Only the best for my mom's sensitive skin. I then turned to the left and saw the fragrance haven of Jo Malone. Oh, how this brought back memories of my days in the Knightsbridge district of London. Jo Malone fragrances are so special because you can mix and match them to create your own distinct, exclusive, and elegant scent. The most amazing fragrance specialist, Barbara Dickie, introduced me to the new scent, Woodsage and Seasalt. Heaven in a bottle...and let's just say I purchased one for myself. What the hell, we all know the best gifts that Santa gives us are the ones that we put on our own credit cards. They offer shower gels, hand creams, bitter creams, and scrubs, and best of all, everything is personally and distinctly wrapped in a couture of paper sheets and a shopping tote.


Next, I needed some glam makeup for my sister and her holiday parties! Laura Mercier and the new beautiful counter summoned me like the sound of beautiful sirens. I did not need to be courted because it was love at first sight! Associate Jeanny Giannini introduced me to the holiday brush collection and the sexiest makeup palette that I have ever seen. It was, of course, called "Into the Wild Look Book," sexy and perfect for all complexions.


If you cannot tell by my joyous typing—and trust me, I have not had any egg nog yet—I am absolutely thrilled with my findings and my purchases. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new love affair. I was going to keep it a secret, but I just cannot do that to my fellow cosmetic junkies.


Happy and safe shopping. Enjoy your new find, Belk Mount Pleasant, but be forewarned—the traffic may be a little wild and crazy out there. You may have to spare a few extra minutes or so to deal with the parking and the roads, but trust me honey, you better get ready to be running a few minutes behind schedule when the one you love sees your sexy new look and loses themselves in the intoxicating scent of your new fragrance!


Happy Holidays and XOXO,