K. Cooper Ray Gives Us... Charleston's Tuxedo (+ More Style Cues)

K. Cooper Ray Gives Us... Charleston's Tuxedo (+ More Style Cues)

Featured as one of Dockers' "Men of Style," the Social Primer style pro offers his version of Charleston men's go-to look in a new video. Grit agrees... and doesn't. What do you think?

We know Charleston's K. Cooper Ray for his wildly popular style blog Social Primer, for his bow ties sold via Brooks Brothers (find them here), as a former panelist for Charleston Fashion Week, and from a stack of national press, ranging from Vanity Fair and GQ to The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He's on Dockers' list, too—specifically their "Men of Style," a series of videos spotlighting stylish folks and their staple look (others include Michael Williams [A Continuous Lean], Lizzie Garrett [Tomboy Style], and Luis Ruano [Managing Editor, Highsnobiety]. 


In Cooper's video below, he reports that the men of Charleston have "impeccable style." He also says Holy City gents have a "tuxedo," of sorts—a bow tie, a navy blazer, a button-down shirt, khakis, and loafers.


I know what some of you guys are thinking... Really? All of us?


Me too. As a gal, I prefer traditional neckties to bow ties (the one Cooper's wearing in the video is delish), and the loafers thing isn't my favorite. 


BUT... here's where this man is wise, wise, wise... He's giving men permission—even encouragement—to have a uniform, a suit of armor. To find a look that makes sense and looks good for YOU and repeat it. Keep it going, it's yours, you don't have to keep reinventing the man... ahem, wheel. Grit's big takeaway from the video? Alter the K. Cooper Ray formula a little or a lot, think about your look before accidentally defining it, and you'll be ready for anything. 


Here's the video: What do you think?

Dockers Men of Style | Cooper Ray from Paul and Williams on Vimeo.