July 5, 2013

Instant Grit

The Blog of the Week is... FK'D: A Lively Q&A With the Gals of Find Keep VintageOh, how we love a blog with great photos and info about a local outfit (no pun intended) that weren't on our radar. One request for Larrissa and Kayla: send Grit some pics from Charlotte Fashion Week in September.  


As a nod to stylePublic's best blog of the week, how about we make this a FK'd Friday... well, sort of. You're likely not feeling all that nostalgic about yesterday's antics (meaning, your hangover is tempering your giddy 4th flashbacks), but let's still stick with our retro theme as we wrap up the big holiday week. Sitting on the beach nursing that headache? Here's a glimpse at what beach bums like you looked like decades ago... 


Consider this your cue. Go have fun.



Venice Beach 1930s. (from Dr. X's Free Associations)



The caption we found only said "vintage beefcakes." To hell with the date, that's good enough for us. (From Fanpop



Early 1900s awesome. (From Retro Girl 811



1950s California. (From Tumblr



What in the hell? Circa 1922 (From Mental Floss)




No-nonsense lifeguard, Brighton Beach 1904. No screwing around!! (From Tumblr)




1940s curiously fantastic bikini. (From 40s Classic)



If you're not doing this right now, you should be. Stat. (From Carrie Mumford)