Julep Hosts a Pre-Holiday Night of Fun

Head to Julep for a friends and family soiree featuring some nice deals (and other surprises).



Holiday season begins in right at a week, so everyone has shopping on their mind. You’re at the point in the year where you’ve got to start thinking about shopping for a wide range of people with a wide range of style.


Enter Julep.



Julep is a locally owned boutique on Lower King Street in historic downtown Charleston and they are giving us an opportunity to make that shopping a bit easier/less stressful/Way more fun tonight! 



Julep specializes in contemporary women's clothing & accessories. They pride themselves on selecting carefully curated, unique merchandise with a wide price range. Some of Julep’s brands include Ted Baker, Ecru, Julie Brown, Hutch, FRNCH, & LaRoque. 



Partner and store manager, Corinn Griesedieck says, “one of her favorite parts of being in the store is engaging with Julep’s customers whether it be about fashion, food, or favorite cocktails in Charleston.”



She and the staff at Julep’s make it a priority to never allow shopping to feel like a chore for anyone — it should be a fun and personalized experience! 


Important things to note:

Many people remember that Julep’s location used to be Warren On King boutique until the beginning of 2016. You will also recognize a familiar face when you’re in Julep’s because the now-partner Corinn Griesedieck WAS the manager and buyer at Warren On King!


So how did it go from Warren On King to Julep? I had to ask because it has been on many people's minds for quite some time!



Corinn so kindly explained,

I was promoted to manager/buyer of Warren On King after graduating from CofC in 2012. I ran the day to day operations & went on all of the buying trips with the owner. My mom also worked at the store as a sales associate. The previous owner decided she was going to move back to Portland, Oregon and close the store in Charleston. My mom and I have always known that one day we wanted our own store, so when the opportunity presented itself to buy out Warren on King, it was a no-brainer! We decided to change the name to julep and freshen up the appearance. Now we get to do the buying together which is so much fun, we have very similar style but it's nice to have 2 different generations doing the buying so that we appeal to a larger range of ages! Our prices range anywhere from a $20 piece of jewelry or $50 dress to a $475 cocktail dress. 


After talking with Corinn I firmly say that she and her mother have done a phenomenal job! It is very impressive not only the price range that they have but also that you truly can find things for young adults and up in there—which is very hard to achieve in boutiques.


Tonight is sure to be a good time!


P.S. a little bird told me there were some awesome treats for you when you arrive because then again, the party is for you, the shopper.