JEFF The Brotherhood at Charleston Pour House

Betsey Geier

Nashville-based band JEFF The Brotherhood will be playing at the Charleston Pour House on October 4.

The project started with brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall in a basement in 2002. From there, JEFF The Brotherhood has traveled around the world, but in their latest album, Magick Songs, the band finds itself back at home.

“We recorded it in my living room, which we have never done before. We didn’t write anything for it, we just kind of jammed for a few months with our friends and just kind of came up with it,” Jake Orrall said.

It was a different experience for the band.

“Normally, we would write a bunch of songs and test them out on the road. Then, cut them in a few days in the studio and be done with it. It was really different, but I liked it,” Orrall said.

For Orrall, it was a fun studio experience because he got to spend so much time working on the music without the added pressure of a studio.

Orrall notes that the album itself strings together in one big piece.

“The vinyl version has an extra whole side of music that isn’t on the CD or digital so you can’t hear that unless you buy the vinyl version, so that’s pretty cool,” Orrall said.

They did this because it was a piece of the album that they felt didn’t completely belong on the album, so they just released it on the vinyl.

The album involves several new collaborators including Jenna Moynihan of Daddy Issues, Bully’s Reece Lazarus, and the majority of the album’s compositions were written in collaboration with Kunal Prakash and Jack Lawrence who became fully fledged members of the band.

JEFF The Brotherhood will be at the Charleston Pour House on October 4. Doors open at 8 p.m.