It's Beachy... But It's Not

Molly Hutter

Sure, we're beach towners. We love taking dips in the Atlantic, breezy walks up the shore, SUPing, fishing, boating, eating crabs. But Chas is also a certain kind of beach town—the subtle kind. Calabash-style fried shrimp and hushpups? No, thanks (minus the occassional trip to Bowens Island). SALTLIFE bumper stickers, "Life's a Beach" shirts, cottages that look like a pastel rainbow threw up on them... We'll pass. We love our beaches—all of them. But we've also got quite the cultured city stuck smack dab in the middle. 


Which may be why I love the jewelry designs I stumbled upon recently so dang much. Crafted by local jeweler Christina Jervey, many of these gold and bejeweled pieces have beachy inspiration—aqua green stones and coral and starfish designs—but yet are pretty damn chic. Others don't. They're just plain gorgeous. Christina Jervey Jewelry? Definitely a fave.







Photography by J. Balliet