Interview: Southern Charm’s Shep Rose & Craig Conover

Hunter Gardner

Whether you tuned in to or stayed far away from Southern Charm this past spring, everyone seemed to have an opinion. I know I did, especially when I first heard the news of a reality show coming to Charleston that wouldn't portray our arts or culinary scene, or the history of our city (I guess that last one wouldn’t make for great reality television, but what does, really?). I wasn’t too thrilled. But I knew it would make for great comedy.



I sat down to watch with pen and paper amongst some of my fellow Charleston comedians and we had our fun. But, what became most apparent over time were the many moments that this was, in fact, the anti-reality show—which is to say people weren’t acting for the camera, they were living their lives despite it. Actual reality.


With the recent announcement of season two coming back to the Holy City, I sat down with Shep Rose and Craig Conover to debunk (and yes, maybe, verify) everything you thought about the show.



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