An Interview with Rene Furterer's Nathalie Ambs

Rene Furterer's line of haircare products combine the best of nature with pharmaceutical expertise. Meet with a Rene Furterer professional this Friday at Stuart Laurence Salon to discuss the challenges you face with your hair and/or scalp.





What appeals to me about Rene Furterer's hair products and why I chased this interview down is that so many women spend money on their face and bodies to maintain a youthful look, but have no understanding of what aging does to the hair.  

My beloved beauty readers, you gorgeous ones that give me a reason to get out of bed each morning (and put a fabulous serum on my face, of course), I have a very special interview for you today. Haircare is a subject that so many men and women do not even think about. In fact, until I started spending more time in a hair salon, I didn't really think of the importance of it either. I always put moisturizer on my face and around my eyes, and if I remember, I rub a little on my hands and my neck. But what about my hair?
Just like the rest of our body, our hair changes as we age. It may become thinner, grow in differently and in a different texture, and overall give away our real age. Well screw that baby! Three months ago I was lucky enough to meet Nathalie Ambs and she is the representative for an amazing line of hair care products from France called Rene Furterer. Since she has diagnosed my needs and gotten me using the right products, I have stopped taking propecia and my hair is so thick I look like I am straight out of a movie from the late eighties—perhaps George Clooney on Facts of Life or John Stamos on Full House. Even my mother has stopped spending a ton of money on products for thinning hair and looks fantastic!
AP:   Who is Rene Furterer?
NA:  During his childhood in Provence, France, Rene Furterer became familiar with the therapeutic and aromatic properties of plants and essentials oils. As a stylist he observed the damages associated with bleaching and color treatments. He then became the first to create hair care products treating both the scalp and hair.
AP:  What is his pharmaceutical expertise?
NA:  Rene Furterer has been part of Pierre Fabre Laboratoires since 1980 which is one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France and a worldwide specialist in Phyto-cosmetology. This allows Rene Furterer to combine the best of nature with his pharmaceutical expertise. 

AP:  What are the key ingredients?

NA:  Rare and precious essentials oils rich in natural ingredients that purify, smooth, and revitalize. Essential oils do not share the same properties of traditional oils, therefore they are non-greasy. Our plant extracts are rigorously selected for their treatment properties, such as nourishing, restructuring, and smoothing to provide the hair with crucial elements that contribute to its health and beauty.
AP:  Why should I treat my scalp?
NA:  Rene Furterer's belief is that "beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil." We believe that your scalp is an extension of your face. Just like you would get weekly facials, we believe that scalp treatments are essential to healthy, beautiful hair. Our extensive line of customized scalp treatments offer once-a-week treatments with no side effects and proven results.
AP:  Which celebrities are noted to use Rene Furterer's products?
NA: Many celebrities reportedly adore Rene Furterer products including Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Alba, Sophia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Keira Knightly to name just a few.
AP:  Where can you find Rene Furterer products in Charleston?
NA: Rene Furterer is a luxury line, sold exclusively in salons. You can even treat yourself to a customized scalp treatment at Stuart Laurence Salon this Friday!
Stuart Laurence is hosting an exclusive Rene Furterer event on Friday, October 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 455 King Street. Professionals will be onsite to meet with you and discuss challenges you are facing with you hair and/or scalp. Once you meet with a Rene Furterer professional, you will be able to schedule a complimentary treatment and blowdry for any available appointment during the month of October. Space is limited to 16 appointments. 
Call 843-722-6776 to book your exclusive consultation.