Interview: Hearts & Plugs’ Wet, Hot, Flamingoran Summer

Hunter Gardner


Last weekend The Royal American played host to The Third Annual Summer Shindig with a premium lineup from the Holy City’s sweetheart record label, Hearts & Plugs. Charleston Grit caught up with founder Dan McCurry and label-mate Grace Joyner to talk highlights of the label’s history and of the past year.


Despite a heartfelt #noraindance the rain did come in spurts, but was no match for the hearts ready to plug into the all-day concert (shameless pun). 


The now annual event (after all, three is a pattern) has become quite a production—a testimony to the aggregating momentum of the label and the community it perpetuates. Check out the flamingo footage below.







A very special thank you to Sean Shoppell of Columbia’s Scenario Collective who shot these interviews. You can catch some bonus day-of footage of E.T. Anderson, also shot by Shoppell here.