House Calls Casting Call

Desmond Kinlaw

About a month ago, I was approached with the opportunity for my family and me to be a part of a photo shoot. Now this was not your typical fashion photo shoot. It was for House Calls magazine, a quarterly health and wellness publication by Roper St Francis Healthcare (Roper Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, and Mount Pleasant Hospital are just some of the hospitals that are part of this local group). So when I was told they were interested in me, a style blogger, I was a bit thrown off. However, I'm always open to new opportunities and connecting with different audiences. 


So the basis of the summer issue was about happiness. Our instructions were to simply joke around and look happy. They even asked us for some quotes on what makes us happy. Sounds simple, right? Well, it was. And we had a blast! Here are the final shots that were chosen for print.


All photographs taken by Ruta Elvikyte