Holiday Christmas Gift Ideas from the Charleston Market

Kasey Baltz

Are you looking for gift ideas for the holidays? Grit's got you covered with ideas for everyone on list. We hit the market to come up with some of the best local ideas in town. 

1. Charleston Sweetgrass Basket

These woven baskets are a classic Charleston gift. Each piece has a lot of history and authenticity behind it. These baskets can be found all around Charleston but mainly in the market area and the streets in the historic district. In a few other places throughout the city, Charleston locals sell them and earn a living off of the profits. There is a variety of baskets, flowers, and even handmade earrings out for the holiday season. (This is perfect for a mother or grandmother!)

2. Rewined Charleston hand-poured candles

These candles are handmade in Charleston. They are also good for the environment because they are recycled wine glasses with natural soy wax. These started in 2009 as a home-based creation and are now a well-known local company. If you aren't going to make it to the market this holiday season, stop by the local candleshop, Candlefish, to pick these up. (For Grandmother, Mother and Sister!)

3. Classic T-Shirt

Located in the market are classic Charleston palmetto tree and moon-style t-shirts. These shirts are comfortable, classy, and the perfect gift to represent Charleston. (Great for Dad or Grandfather, or Brother)

4. Crazy Aarons Putty

This is an awesome find at the Charleston Market for a kid’s gift! I would know because my younger brother, who is 12, went “crazy” over these tins filled with all different types of putties. My grandparents bought him one for Christmas and now, whenever he comes back to Charleston, he gets another tin for himself. The different types of putties range from, ‘liquid glass’ to ‘magnetic putty.’ (Kid Gift)

5. College of Charleston Tabletop Coin Bouncing Party Game

Coin hole tabletops are a fun game for any college student! This is a classic drinking and party game that can be fun for all ages and comes in different styles such as CofC, USC, or Clemson themed colors. (College Student Gift) 

6. Charleston Market Specialty Food Items

For your food-loving friends and family, check out the variety of options at the Charleston Market. I suggest looking at the Southern Cooking Charleston cookbooks, local made Shrimp and Grits packages, and even the local Charleston southern tea plantation packs that are all found at the Market. (Gift for your “Foodie Friend!”)

7. Aluminum Water Bottle 

The Charleston Market has college-themed water bottles! Find your CofC, Clemson, USC and more bottles for your college kid, friends, or family! Everyone loves to rep their school spirit. (College student gift)

8. Antique Lace

Don't know what to get an older relative in the family? There are beautiful antique napkins in the Market. These antique doilies, napkins, and holders are a thoughtful gift to grandma or grandpa for the holiday. (Grandparent gift)

9. Pineapple

The Charleston themed symbol is the pineapple, meaning welcoming and friendly! Decorative pottery pineapples are found all around the Charleston Market and are a perfect gift. Stylish and fun, it can bring the Charleston spirit into anyone's home. (Friend gift)