High Point Market Highlights

Jenny Keenan

I just returned from another successful High Point Furniture Market.  It was one of my quickest trips yet, but I still came back inspired...


One of my favorite finds were these amazing pillows designed by Steph Schofield and Joel Sarvis of Estate Design and Trade.  Aren't these little pieces of art fun?  And don't you just love how it pops on that electric green sofa. This particular design was based on a 1970s "spin art" design made in Ocean City, Maryland.



Here are some more playful designs. I met Steph, and she told me they came up with the designs from their own artwork, found objects, watercolor, or as noted above, spin art where they manipulated the color range.  These pillows could add personality to any interior! 



I was really excited to find these antique Dhurrie rugs.  Many people are making them new, but to find a collection like this never happens.  The owner had been collecting them for more than 30 years and they are all over 100 years old. They were all so soft and slightly faded, just like I like them, and they were in wonderful condition. Perfect for a beach house. I have three of them in my car for a client!  And yes, that big light blue and white one is one of them... I am having a hard time giving it up. 



I don't do well with mass-produced accessories so I love it when I find one-of-a-kinds like this perfect midcentury blue lamp. I would have bought it, but it was SOLD. Hate it when that happens!



This piece was the coolest too.  It was an art deco sideboard with a wonderful stripped-down finish and hardware to die for. Such a fantastic little piece. 



This little midcentury nightstand was great too.... I would have purchased this for my clients boys room but once again: SOLD. Gotta be quick to get the good stuff!



Okay, now to a piece that you will probably start to see quite a bit. This is not a one-of-a-kind but it is from Design Legacy's new collection by Nancy Price.  This lucite arm design also comes as a small sofa.  It is really fun and I can think of so many installations where it could be used. It  would even be fun at an outdoor wedding used for a groovy sitting area, oh maybe I will be an event planner in my next life! Too cool. I could just see a handsome man in  a black and white tux sitting in this chair. Well you sure do have to be looking good when you sit in this chair because you really can see it all!



This is my funniest find yet. These are African loincloths..... yes, I said loincloth!  But aren't they amazing? And Merri from Canopy Designs is making them into one-of-a-kind pendant lights.  I am having her make one for my son's new bathroom (we are building a house right now).  I cannot believe in the detail of these designs—they are like jewelry for your manhood. 



Beautiful old Suzanis too.  I never get tired of these amazing textiles. 



I purchased these lamps for a client of mine for their master bedroom at the beach. Aren't they wonderful? The designer who made them is also making a light for our new family room.  There is something so Zen and organic about his style. 



Here is a fun nightstand from Tritter Feefer Home Collection. The design is simple but the hardware pull makes it memorable. I really love this drawer pull, it makes the piece. 


Tritter Feerer also has a delsigner who makes these wonderful little accessories.  They are made with pearls, crystal, and old architectural pieces and they transform into these treasures.  I bought all three of these. I think the small one would be a great desk accessory and the tall one with the flower is going to go on my new bathroom vanity, so I can look at it every morning.  They are just so femanine and sweet, each completely individual, having a personality of its own. They sell out of them every market!  There is really nothing like a good accessory.



So here is my last great accessory of the day. There was a woman there who was just back from Bali. These wood-carved animal mounts were amazing and all a little bit different. I want to go to Bali. 



No, this picture was not taken this market, but I just had to show it to you. This was last Fall's market and it is me with the queen of southern decor, Suzanne Kasler, taken in the Hickory Chair Showroom. She does a line for Hickory Chair, as well as lines for many other companies, like Ballard Design and Lee Jofa.  Meeting her was such a treat, even though the picture is old, it still inspires me!  I actually did see her shopping again this time, but no new pics. Until, next Market, we shall meet again..........


"Create your own visual style.......let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others." - Orson Welles