Hearts & Plugs Releases Summer Essentials, Anticipates Summer Shindig

Hunter Gardner



Hearts & Plugs Founder Dan McCurry has curated an undeniable, eclectic ensemble of Charleston favorites since 2012, and the label recently released a collection entitled Summer Essentials to give locals a soundtrack to their inevitable sunburns.


Handpicked for maximum enjoyability while roadtripping, poolside sipping, and winding up or winding down from the beach, Essentials brings a mix of acid-pop a la Brave Baby, easy on the ears SUSTO, spacey Grace Joyner, wide-smiling High Divers, the ever-likable Johnny Delaware, and darker but just as accessible E.T. Anderson and Hermit’s Victory.


All tracks were produced by Hearts & Plugs’ Ryan “Wolfgang” Zimmerman, whose stamp of atmospheric, youthful energy threads the tracks. The result is a playlist that captures the timeless and carefree nature of summer in our most unholy Holy City.


All bands on the mixtape will also take the stage for The Hearts & Plugs Summer Shindig at The Royal American this Saturday-- an event now in its third year. With an opportunity to catch a myriad of artists that are pushing the Charleston music scene into a new frontier, the concert is becoming a mainstay on local music fans’ calendars.


And we’re told there will be flamingos. Lots and lots of flamingos. The Hearts & Plugs Summer Shindig will take place at The Royal American this Saturday, June 25 from 5pm-11pm. Tickets are $20. Afterparty with Infinitkiss. Ticket are available online by clicking here.