Healing Beauty Products

Spencer Barnhart


While I love this time of year as much as anyone else, it takes a toll on my physical health. After spending the last 14 days being a balancing act of Secret Santa, hairstylist, and an overstretched woman—as well as attending (crashing) other people’s holiday parties—I landed in the ER first thing Christmas morning. Nothing a few days of laying in my bed and watching HBO won’t fix, but after the first few hours, I needed to feel like me again.


Being ill and tired can take a huge toll on your physical well-being and appearance. There are a few things I keep on me at all times to be able to at least fake it when I need to.



Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance combats dry skin with the combination of Vitamins A, C, and E, and provides lasting brightening and moisture. 


Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is my secret weapon for faking my way through no sleep, with results that look like you just downed that Trenta coffee. It’s easier to feel a little more polished and put together when the bags under your eyes aren’t giving it away.


Benefit’s tints are a two for one. Forget the powder! You can give yourself a dewy flush and lip color to avoid looking sallow during our months of paler, dryer skin. My personal favorite is the Cha Cha Tint—a bright peach tone great for fairer skin.


Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo is going to be one of those hair products that you keep in your car for those “just in case” days. We all hit the snooze button once or…four times in the morning, leaving a hair shampooing out of the question. Soak up oil and get rid of odor with a few sprays of this citrus-scented organic dry shampoo. Remember to spray at least five inches away from the scalp and massage in for best results.


All of these things are in my arsenal by my bedside as I recover from a freak holiday illness. Even while on bed rest, I want to feel as much like myself as possible to aid in a quick healing process.


I hope everyone had happy and healthy holidays!