Gorgeous Glo Opens in Mount Pleasant

Whitney Currin



Treat yo-self!


Just last week we officially welcomed Gorgeous Glo to town at their grand opening party! They are the second blow dry bar to open in the Charleston area but they do offer quite a few other exciting services.


Their services include more than the typical blowout, updo, and makeup application found at most blow dry bars. At Gorgeous Glo you can also get a customizable spray tan, eyelash extensions, classes—Blowout 101 to learn how to use the right bumble and bumble products to achieve a salon looking blowout at home, Anti Aging Elixir to help nourish and maintain elasticity in your skin, and even get a haircut and color.


At the grand opening party, Gorgeous Glo offered samples of several of their services, so I thought what better way to spread the word about Gorgeous Glo services than to experience them myself!


I had my hair styled, makeup applied, and face spray tanned all while sipping on a generous glass (or two) of prosecco.


The spray tans at Gorgeous Glo will completely change your view of fake tans because they are so natural looking and brown, with not even a hint of orange in color that you may even consider never laying out again in the real sunlight.


Sure, some may say that the services offered at places like Gorgeous Glo are a completely unnecessary expense if not being done for a special occasion, however I don’t find that to be the case.


My mother never taught me how to put on makeup, it was more so a teach yourself thing. Having my makeup professionally applied is helpful to me because it teaches me so much! Same goes with hair styling—I was foreign to the use of the blow dry curling brush until having my hair styled where I was truly taught how to use it. The best part is that people really do notice when you know what you’re doing! I get a lot of compliments on my makeup and hair now that I’ve had people, like those at Gorgeous Glo, teach me their ways.


Dry bars are pretty cool to have available because it is perfect for any special occasion like prom, galas, bachelorette weekends, weddings, alumni weekends, and even job interviews.


Below are before and after pictures!