Google Me, Baby: Beauty and Bleona

Andrew C. Petersen talks beauty with Bleona Qereti, star of Bravo's "Euros of Hollywood."



Bleona is what's happening now in our culture: She conquered Europe. She never takes no for an answer and is collaborating with the man behind J. Lo and, now, the man behind Beyonce's videos. Her role on Bravo's Euros of Hollywood set her apart from the rest, and I was intrigued, to say the least. I had the chance to sit down with her and discuss beauty. I wanted to focus on my forum of beauty first, then take on her music moves and how she will conquer the United States as she has done Europe. Here is the first installment of our two-part interview. Enjoy! 


Bleona Qereti has been an idol of mine since I first started visiting Eastern Europe. There, I dated and fell in love with a Polish man who is in my heart today. I learned quickly that the beautiful people of Eastern Europe are proud and protective of their home countries.
Bleona affected me, she touched me. She is on a Bravo show called Euros of Hollywood. Sometimes, reality shows are just BS, but sometimes, they are true reality shows. Bleona is the real thing, and when she says "Google me, baby," she means it. I am honored and in love with the "Madonna of Albania." I have worked with Jennifer Lopez, and Timabaland is behind Bleona just like he was with J. Lo. Expect much more to come from Bleona.
So, let's check out what Bleona has to say about beauty.
Andrew: What is the main difference you see between American beauty and European beauty?
Bleona: The main difference I see between American and European beauty is the contouring. This is new to me. In the United States, makeup is accentuated and I love it. I have never been a fan of too much makeup; in general, this is something that Europeans do not like. Sometimes, the American artists go too heavy and I don't like it.
A: What three products would we find in your Salvatore Ferragamo croc bag?
B: Ha! On a very big difference from any other girl's bag, where you would find at least one lipstick, in my bag, you would find hard drives/ USBs and computers! I always keep with me Valmont moisturizing spray from the French Alps (water for my face), La Mer lip balm, and Clarins travel-size hand cream.
A: What fragrance brings back fond memories  and who taught you the importance of leaving the house looking only one way—fabulous?
B: The fragrance that brings back fond memories for me is Hermés Eau des Merveilles. Long story to explain it here on Charleston Grit, but I make sure that this fragrance is always with me and in my home. It is the fragrance I am currently using.
As a person and as a girl, then woman, I have been in the public eye. I had fame before I knew what famous was. I never had a choice but to look fabulous, and now it is a way of living. I love my home and supporters, and I know my fame came from hard work and the love of the country that I came from. I blow kisses every day not for me, but for all of those that have wished me success since an early age. I am proud of my heritage and my heart is full of love knowing that all Albanians and Eastern Europeans share the the same love. When I think of being fabulous, I think of my father. He was the person always telling me that I was a princess and the most beautiful girl in in the world. That stuck with me. I am a princess and, in his eyes, the most beautiful and talented girl in the world. I never left the house without his approval, and in his eyes, I indeed had the most perfect dress on. This was until I became the age of 12, then I knew I had the best dress on. I never looked back, and now I know when I appear, I just know that I have the most amazing dress on! Everywhere I go, I love those that have supported me, and it makes me proud to look fantastic for them. I am Bleona, and I love you!
This is just the first part of a very powerful and touching interview. I cannot  wait to reveal the rest of Bleona and how her voice and  music are going to impact the United States of America! XO