Gone Native

Kristen Fehsenfeld

If you need yet another reason to visit Hampden Clothing's King Street outpost, here it is—Holst + Lee. A collaboration of New York City-based design duo Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee, the collection is known for its use of organic materials, bright color pairings, and statement-making designs. With its tribal-meets-techno-meets-Folly Beach surfer girl vibe, the breakout brand's showstopping creations are the PERFECT summer accessories.



I'm particularly obsessed with these two stunners—the colors are so great!



Like their designs, the brand's story is equally unique and organic: it all started as a DIY project! As Holst and Lee explain in a recent chat with Shopbop: "We met in NYC as transplants from the South... We started making jewelry just for ourselves because we always felt like we were unable to find what we were looking for to complete our outfits.” Combining items collected over the years, the pair refashioned the objects into striking necklaces and bangles.



It wasn't long before their craft project transformed into a lucrative jewelry business. Only available in select stores, Hampden Clothing is now among the select few carrying the line. Definitely worth a visit to King Street!