Glory be to The Righteous Gemstones Sunday Night Premier

Robin Gibson

By Robin Gibson

Charleston is no stranger to the screen big or small, and with a celebrity like Danny McBride making it the backdrop of his creative genius lately we're well on our way to becoming the Hollywood of the East Coast. Comedies are a dime a dozen and a plethora of viewing options means you need a hook to reel 'em in. Enter resident local A-list funny man McBride and a set located in a nearly defunct mall and you have all of the key ingredients for a hit TV show, at least here in Charleston.  

The Righteous Gemstones debuted Sunday night on HBO at 10 PM EST. Did you catch it? Charleston Grit did and we approve. Two thumbs up from us for Rough House Pictures, Danny McBride, John Goodman and the rest of the funny cast and crew. 

Local landmark surprise: Liberty Tap Room

Was anyone else excited to recognize it in the church lunch scene?

Favorite supporting character: Baby Billy

Walter Goggins was especially funny alongside McBride in Vice Principals. We expect no less from the pair this time around.

If you don't have cable, we recommend subscribing. Laughing and seeing Charleston in snippets is well worth the cost of tuning in.

The Righteous Gemstones was conceived, directed and executive produced by McBride in a deal inked with HBO through his production company, Rough House Pictures, and partners Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. The satirical comedy pokes fun at televangelism run amok and was filmed on location at Citadel Mall Charleston. Did you watch? Will you watch? We hope the answer is yes.