Gibbes Society 1858 Graffiti in the Garden Party

Julie Wheat



Graffiti as an artform, often referred to as 'street art' if it is defined as 'any type of writing on a public wall,' goes back to ancient Rome and points to the first graf artists.


However, the style of urban graffiti street art; the kind that uses spray cans, came from New York City in the late 1960s and was born on subway trains and in the Bronx. Kids all over New York realized the fame and notoriety that could be gained from "tagging" their names on subway cars that traveled all over the city. The goal was to "get up" (using the slang of the day), and have one's name in as many places as possible. As kids competed against each other with their styles, messages, and imagery to get famous the amount of graffiti on trains exploded. The graf writers were often also emcees, DJs, and b-boys became anonymously famous creating something beautiful that required skill and dedication as yet a further extension of their identity.  The Graffiti and Hip-hop cultures evolved together and began to explode in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


The Gibbes Museum's Annual Winter Party is back on February 10th from 8-11pm, and Society 1858 is upping the ante (and the bass) this year with live street art and a DJ straight outta Brooklyn, NY!  Internationally-acclaimed artist Odeith will paint a site-specific mural in real-time in the Lenhardt Garden, while NYC's DJ Wolf (who has played for Tom Ford, Missoni, Pucci, New Orleans Saints, and the NBA Allstars) drops beats to get the crowd pumping. Guests will have the chance to win original works by some of Charleston's hottest visual artists including Chambers Austelle, Anna Hopkins, Tim Hussey, Patch Whisky, and more.


For more information on participating artists and event partners, please visit

Tickets:  $85 Society 1858 Members | $110 Non-Members, $160 Combo (includes event ticket, Individual Gibbes Museum Membership and Society 1858 Membership - $170 value)



The Gibbes Museum's Annual party is known for welcoming themed attire and what better place than to don your best hip hop get up to get down on the dance floor?
If you aren't sure what to wear this year, the top wardrobe items that will make your getup get down ready are:

1.  Kicks, or sneakers, (super clean)
2.  Gold chain necklace
3.  Sportswear- team gear, hoodies, etc.
4.  Matching crew outfits
5.  Half shirt with low hung baggie pants (one knee up?)
6.  Hat:  Kangool, beanie, or flat brim
7.  Big hoop earrings
8.  Neon
9.  Geometric patterns
10.  Paint splatter
11.  Pigtails or braids
12. Fade or flattop
13.  Brands like Tommy, Ralph Lauren, NY Yankees, Fila, South Pole, Fubu, Gucci.

Here are a few examples: