Get Yo’ Sass On With Orgone

Alexandra Dunlop


Orgone: A universal life force, a cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature


Since their formation in the late 1990s, Orgone has been sharing their raw, soulful tunes with venues and festivals all over the country. Always getting the crowd sweaty and loose, these L.A. natives have created a sound that’s a blend of deep soul, rare funk, and Afro-disco with a raw rock-star edge. With powerhouse singer Adryon de Leon as the lead lady and the backbone of the band, the experience was almost cinematic, as she seemed to channel Foxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers with her bold, graceful and resonating voice. Not to mention her awe-inspiring Afro!


Also featuring keyboardist Dan Hastie and guitarist Sergio Rios, who are simply masters of their sound, the complete synergy of the eight musicians give the music a heavy depth that reassures you that good, real music is not dead. Having collaborated/performed with The Roots, Al Green, Gil Scott-Heron, Breakestra, Thievery Corporation, and Monophonics, Orgone knows how to bring an audience to their feet (even when you’ve just worked a double and think you might collapse at any second.) Their 2013 album New You took the band to new heights, but their most recent album, Beyond The Sun, released in 2015, is dynamite. With songs like “I’m A Woman (I’m A Backbone),” “Take You Higher,” and “Meat Machine,” there’s no denying the maturity and timelessness of their sound.


Gathered to hear their new album performed live, the crowd at the Charleston Pour House was not lacking in size or enthusiasm, especially for a Tuesday night! The band seemed to harness the growing energy at the beginning, control it, and build on it. Perhaps that phenomenon describes their original purpose for naming the band after a cosmic unit of energy. I was lucky to see this band for the first time in my hometown, and I hope I see them on some festival lineups this summer as they continue to groove it out.


Images courtesy of Big Funk Photography