FREE things to always do in Charleston

Jeanne Everett

FREE things to always do in Charleston: Charleston has various things to offer whether you are visiting or a local. The endless picturesque streets, food spots, boutiques, beaches and events make it an ideal spot for thousands of tourists and locals alike.


Want to escape and find some free things to do this week or upcoming weekend? Check out our list below that is tested and proven by a local Charlestonian.


The Palmetto Trail - Accessible for day trips, weekend plans and long walks, including hikes from mountains to sea or vise versa. A free and easy workout to do with friends and family while also exploring the areas around. You can hike a little area in Charleston or start from another part of the state. To learn more about this and gain access to a route in Charleston click here.



• Ravenel Bridge – Easily access the bridge for a nice 2.5 miles long run, walk or jog along the pristine coastline overlooking the Yorktown and Downtown Charleston. There are two entrances; one at the foot of the bridge in Downtown Charleston; the other right off the bridge in Mount Pleasant by the gas station. 



• Hampton Park – This beautiful park downtown Charleston close to the Citadel campus is a perfect spot for you to take a walk or have a picnic at. 




Angel Oak - This historic tree on John’s Island is estimated to be somewhere between 300-400 years old. It is only open through Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and on Sundays between 1pm-5pm. It’s worth a sight to see! Image by Crafted Charleston Tours. • Fort Moultrie- This historic fort made up of fortifications from 1776 on Sullivan’s Island. There is a deep rich history in Charleston and this is just one of the forts that date back to the days of Charleston settling. The main street around the corner has restaurants and shops for you to peruse afterward.