A Folly Jolly Christmas Spectacular: Now - December 22

Jeanne Everett


I got the privelage of attending the opening night last weekend to the festive play, A Folly Jolly Christmas Spectacular. It was merry, bright and full of talent!


When I walked into the Charleston Performing Arts Center on James Island for a holiday play, I didn't truthfully expect to be walking into a holiday oasis...filled with a retro glamour I wish I had the chance of knowing in the 1940's.

Velvet curtains in hues of deep red and greens hung over the centralized stage , which took up half the room. The tables were all lit with tiny, flashing candles and the smell of Christmas pine needles filled the air. I was greeted by one of the owners, Scott.

Scott was impeccabily dressed in a blue velvet blazer and welcomed us with open arms! We were directed to a leather table that sat cabaret style with hobnails adorning the sides. When I complimented the tables and decor, Scott informed me that his father in law made those by hand!

The style of the lounge style show replicated those in NYC around hidden corners and tucked where only the locals know and boy was I comfortable, happy and the show was as equally beautiful as the decor.

I was then greeted by Randall Dukes, one of the friendliest people and full of jokes! He actually was performing in the show too and was a true talent!


At our table, candy canes with the show's playbills adorned the table for us to enjoy.

As our table tootsie, Dorothy took our order, she danced away in a festive candy cane stripped outfit which was then followed by the diming of the lights, curtains fell and the show began!

With musical talents with backgrounds in dance, music and singing, the stage was met with perfect harmonized voices and ballet style dance moves. The songs covered were not just your typical run of the mill Christmas songs but also one of my very favorites, "Believe" by Josh Groban and several classics from our childhoods we can all adore. One of the main singers, Christopher Cherry (who was guest performing from NYC) , sang this number along with several classics and I later told him how touching it was that they played the Josh Groban song because that is a classic song around the month of December in my family.

The costumes were filled with glitter, feathers, hilarious costumes and serious gowns. I got a sense of Edith Head with her White Christmas costumes from this show. Very inspiring and stunning!

I got to talk with the cast of men and women who put on a performace that can be adored by families and ages alike. Everyone greeted us after the show and we complimented them and let them know how truly inspiring their show was. The cast was adorable!

Afterwards, I got to meet the other owner and amazing program director, choreographer and costume designer, Kirk Sprinkles Pfeiffer.


I highly recomennd grabbing your friends, family, cousins, boyfriend or girlfriend and supporting local because we should support local talent and locally owned businesses (in my opinion) but also because the service, the greetings and the talent was incredible.



Now through December 22nd, you can see the show- for more information see below.

Have a goodnight -- now dash away all! To purchase tickets or learn more, click here.