Fem City Charleston: New and Improved

Photo by Keimani KahnektedStudios Story.

Fem City Charleston Charleston is known for its empowerment of entrepreneurs. We live in a city where every street corner has a locally owned business. Thus, there are always new groups for Charleston locals to attend for growing their businesses and networking. As a growing city, I love that we continue to hold these groups and events from a small, personal scale to a larger crowd. Specifically, we have had a large number of women business leaders and owners in Charleston and it continues to grow.


Luckily, FemCity is now in Charleston and back better than ever! FemCity is across the nation, in various cities and states where women can meet to discuss business ideas, problems and growth while networking with likeminded women. They have just relaunched the FemCity Charleston version with lots of plans for breakfasts, lunches and cocktail events!


I recently attended the breakfast held yesterday at Butcher and Bee. Butcher and Bee was refreshing, cozy and delectable! As we chowed down on our breakfast orders, one by one, all of us 20 women went around the table and told a bit about ourselves as well as who inspires us in life. It was a wonderful group of women who all elaborated on their careers, life paths and future plans. I highly recommend it for anyone new to Charleston, in business or wanting to start a business! You can read more details on their website as well as their facebook page. Hope to see you at one of their events!