fake ID

"........I love the sound of the knife on a wood cutting board." -Chef Beverly states

The other night, a preconception of mine was challenged: I always tip bartenders when I play a gig, but one band member I overheard strongly disagrees with that. What do you think?

For all you under-agers out there, I get it, I've been there—I've soared with fake ID success and skulked off empty-handed while upperclassmen hooted at my failure. Hey, I just wanted a beer....

They may have rhythm, good looks, and a magnetic personality, but I bet they don't have a refrigerator that looks like an amp. Here's this and more great gift ideas (from an award-winning blogger...)

Don't bet on football, frat tats are sad, seniors are older not wiser, the world doesn't care if you fail out—here's my (free!) advice for incoming CofC and Citadel students this week