Experience The Broadcast at The Pour House

Zach Bjur



There’s just something about powerful female vocals laid over rock and roll. The soulful expression and sultry intonations weave perfectly into the bluesy riffs and driving drum beats of the rock and roll tapestry. Caitlin Krisko of The Broadcast knows this well and to hear her work her craft is truly a treat – when she really belts it out, her voice swells and wraps you in its power. It is a graceful, comforting, and seductive experience that leaves your ears begging for more.


The Broadcast got their start in New York City but grew tired of life in the city and moved to Asheville to escape the grind. Since their move they have released their debut LP Dodge the Arrow and have been touring tirelessly with acts like St. Paul and the Broken Bones, The Wood Brothers, and Charles Bradley. Krisko could probably sing acapella and sell thousands of records, but instead she’s backed up by four incredibly talented musicians. Jaze Uries and Tyler Housholder, drums and percussion respectively, run a tight ship.


Their impeccable rhythm holds the band’s soul sound together and leads the way when The Broadcast explores new sounds. Aaron Austin is the lead guitarist and co-writes the band’s songs with Krisko. Austin’s guitar is the perfect counterpart to Krisko’s pipes, his skillful playing dances and harmonizes with Krisko’s voice – a tribute to their creative chemistry. And last but not least, E’Lon Jordan-Dunlap holds the groove with funky bass lines that round out the sound.


The Broadcast is back on tour this spring in promotion of their upcoming album From the Horizon.  Their second full length LP was produced by the renowned Jim Scott – a Grammy winning producer who has worked with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and more. Charleston GRIT was given access to the album ahead of release and it is phenomenal. It is grander in scope than their Dodge the Arrow debut – it sounds fuller, bigger.


There’s no doubt that The Broadcast has matured and expanded, but they have not lost their signature soul swagger. It’s clear that Asheville has worn off on the band – you can hear hints of Appalachia sneaking into their sound and in some songs that tendency altogether takes the reins. The result is a delicious amalgam of Folk, Americana, and Soul.


From the Horizon opens with a sparkling showcase of the soul that The Broadcast has built their name on. “Steamroller” blows through the gates with peals of the organ and a stomping drum beat. Krisko’s smoky vocals come sauntering in and slowly the tension builds until the song explodes with the song’s chorus and Krisko’s voice in full effect. The song is loud, its electric, and it’s the Broadcast’s sound fully realized –the perfect start for an album that showcases their growth. The track “On the Edge” puts that growth on full display. The acoustic guitar subs in for the electric and Krisko plays the role of storyteller, her voice restrained but still brimming with power as she tells a tale of troubled love.


From start to finish From the Horizon is a knockout – tracks like “Electric Light,” “Eyes of a Woman,” and “Battle Cry” push the album into a league of its own. All good things must end and From the Horizon is no exception. In contrast with the explosive opener the album ends with its title track, an easy going acoustic lullaby. After the album works you into a froth “From the Horizon” brings you back down to an even keel, a nice night cap to a wild ride.


Unfortunately you won’t be able to experience From the Horizon until later this spring. That is, unless you see them live at the Pour House on Monday, March 21st. The Broadcast is known for meteoric live shows and in an intimate venue like the Pour House you’ll be blown away by Krisko’s magnificent voice. Doors are at 8:30 and the cover is $8, easily the best $8 you’ll spend this month.