Exhibit A

Tips and guidelines to help art collectors of all levels select the right frame

In addition to starting those French Quarter Art Walks we all love to roam, the matriarch of the local gallery scene—Nina Liu—has helped turn Charleston into a forefront art Mecca of our region

Regardless of what any government leader does, as an arts community we can survive—and thrive—by resetting our sights on commerce, risk, innovation, AND community

The past two posts have prepped you for it—for buying art on your own. Use this final installment as an easy reference when you go to purchase (like how to tell between a vintage and a period piece)

In Part One we covered the basics—how to wrap your head around photo collecting and some tricks of the trade. Now it's time to get going by utilizing the host of resources available (and listed here!)

Bottom line? Anyone can buy art. And adding photography to your collection is fun—here's a few tricks of the trade, including some good warnings (like using caution with emerging talents)

Artist Kaminer Haislip hammers, solders, sands, and polishes up Charleston's long tradition of silversmithing

"Contemporary art breathes life into a historic home; it keeps things unpredictable and interesting..." A modern-art Q&A with collectors Kristin and Stan Stevens

Janie Askew’s work is a ballad of vulnerability, fantasy, and eroticism. The tightly feminist gaze and her skilled hand generate outstanding works on paper...

“Drawing a labyrinth with salt is like following a trace of my memory..." Motoi Yamanoto. Charleston is the first stop of Motoi’s traveling exhibit, the Halsey his introductory space...

You don't want to lose precious photos—like, say, this uber-cool Isaac Hayes image by Ernest Withers—to Charleston heat. I've got 4 tips for keeping your fine art and family shots intact