Everything Your Hairstylist Wants You to Know

Spencer Barnhart



There are few people in your everyday life that get to know you the way your hairstylist does. We get to see you at your worst and at your best every month and a half. Each guest/stylist relationship is unique and personal. There are a handful of things of things that we wish all of our guests knew to help make the experience in the salon not only great, but memorable.


We love pictures!


Pictures are an incredible source of inspiration. Bring four or five pictures to your appointment with your ideas. This helps set parameters for your stylist, who can build a custom look for you from there. Don’t be afraid to say things like, “I like these bangs, but hate these layers.”  If you’re a redhead, show me what your idea of red is. Do you like copper reds or cooler red violets? Pictures are the best way to show us not only what you like, but what you don’t like. And with that being said…


Have realistic expectations


At least twice a week, I consult with someone who has been coloring their hair jet black out of a box for years and expects to be an ashy platinum blonde in one or two appointments. Take it from me, correcting years of color is not only time consuming, but very expensive. Your stylist will do everything possible within your budget and the amount of time in your appointment.


Here’s the thing: you’re not Cara Delevingne or Duchess Kate, and the only way you’ll ever look like them is if I tape that picture to your forehead. Your stylist can and should guide you in the right direction for your haircut and color. Trust us and our judgment.


If you are unhappy with your service, say something. If you love your service, say something.


We are not mind readers. If you leave the salon saying you like your haircut, we believe you. It is heartbreaking hearing that you’ve not only gone to another salon to get something fixed, but that you lied to us about it. Even if you don’t want your stylist to fix it (which is totally ok—we will never be offended), your feedback can only make us better stylists. When we know that you are not happy, it gives us a chance to make it right, whether it be a refund or a redo. Would you pay a mechanic for not doing what you needed them to do on your car? Doubtful. If you love your new haircut or that fun new color, a nice review or referral is the best tip we could ever get from you! Ask your stylist if they offer referral incentives.


Armed with these things, you can create a long lasting and fun relationship with your stylist! We truly do care about every individual that sits in our chair and strive to give you the best during every service, so help us help you. Be honest, concise, and realistic.