An Ever-Changing Wardrobe for Cheap? Sign Me Up...

Guys, have you heard about the Mr. Collection? For less than the price of a new pair of jeans, you can borrow an awesome new outfit—head to toe. Here's the scoop, plus an exclusive 15%-off promo code

Welcome to The Mr. Club! I was recently given a Mr. Collection box-kit, and I have to say, this real-life "Rent-A-Swag" is pretty legit. Instead of buying new clothes every month or season, you rent clothes from Mr. Collection.


Starting at only $25 to $70 a month with free shipping back and forth, the savings themselves make this service worth trying out. That’s not bad considering you’ll get a full outfit per box, compared to you going out and buying just 1 pair of designer jeans that can easily go for more than $70 itself.



If you’re the guy who finds shopping to be an unpleasant experience, like me, then this might be the next service for you all while saving some good money.


Or you’re that guy who's been wanting to revamp your closet for a while but dropping half of your paycheck on new clothes isn’t an option. With Mr. Collection, you save money and get a new kit every month to keep your new look moving. It’s also a great way to get inspired with your ever-changing wardrobe if you’ve been wanting step things up.


So depending on your lifestyle, Mr. Collection has got you covered with their three separate clothing channels, Mr. Play, Mr. Business, and Mr. Details.



Choose the collection that suits you and let Mr. Collection surprise your front door with new threads and accessories in every pack.



Now all three collections range in price, allowing you to borrow from only once a month or unlimited, depending on which plan you choose. Each box-kit is picked out personally just for you and is unique every order. Sense of ease is really what they’re getting at with Mr. Collection.



To bring in the New Year, Mr. Collection is offering 15% off your first order of subscription with the promo code below.


Code: Charleston15 at checkout for 15% off


Here’s what I got from my first Mr. Collection kit from the Mr. Play line. Everything below would’ve cost me just $40, pretty amazing for a full outfit and then some.



H&M Sweater & Jeans



Lucky Brand Jeans & B12 V-Neck


American Eagle Sunglasses

Sign up and their style team will surprise you with a new look in every pack. Wear it, create new ones with your own wardrobe, then send back for more. It’s that simple!



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