Day 8: Grit's Fashion Loves & Loathes

Instant Grit

Charleston's Grit's 12 Days of Fashion: Loves & Loathes

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Submitted by: Rory

Age: 33

Occupation: Digital director

Lives: West Ashley


LOVE: Simple, clean manicures





After getting engaged (and yes, I can't stop talking about it), the first thing I did after I called my parents was to make sure my nails were clean. Without warning, people will grab your hand to look at your ring. Clean, simple manicures in light pink are classic.


LOATHE: Pointed nails

MTV (both)


WHAT. THE. FUCK. ARE. THESE???? How do you wipe your butt without injury? How do you type an email? How do you make it through airport security?




Daily of the Day


I am jumping on the Harem Pant Train. Here we have Justin Beiber. Poor Wittle Boy poopied in his pants.



Ready to sound off on your loves and loathes for Grit's 12 Days? Let's do it.

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1. Send an email to Grit editor Ellen McGauley at Put 12 Days in the subject line.
2. List one look you love and one you hate. Each should be accompanied by a) a quote about why b) a picture or two illustrating the look.
3. List the online source of any images submitted. We need to credit them correctly. 
4. Include first name, general occupationage, and the part of town in which you live. These will be listed with each submission used.
5. Do it before March 15!
We'll run as many as we can! The more colorful the commentary, the better. So go ahead, give us your Fashion Grit.