Day 5: Grit's Fashion Loves & Loathes

Instant Grit

Charleston's Grit's 12 Days of Fashion: Loves & Loathes

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Submitted by: Piper

Age: 40

Occupation: Art Director

Lives: James Island


LOATHEThe Trout Pout


ENTERTAINMENTWISE (left and right), Fox News (center)


This is my least favorite fashion trend of all time! The “trout pout.” I know it’s not clothing but who mangles their face like this only to look like they’re wearing a moustache above their top lip? First it will leave you with mega-swollen lips for days, kinda like you scarfed down 10 cherry snow cones. After the swelling goes down you are left with an upper lip “curl” that leaves a shadow similar to a thin Hitler ‘stache. Faces are really getting fucked up out there.


LOVEThe South Carolinian People of WalMart


People of WalMart


I love the People of Walmart, because who doesn't? Try this: Review this photo gallery and try not to say “OMG” for every photo.



LOVE RUNNER UPJoan Rivers' rants



Who can resist Joan Rivers digging on red carpet looks from 2012? She counters all the self-congratulatory, self-indulgent habits of the Hollywood Ho’hums. And I mean, who would have the nerve to say what she did about Nicole Kidman’s “eh hem!”



Ready to sound off on your loves and loathes for Grit's 12 Days? Let's do it.

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We'll run as many as we can! The more colorful the commentary, the better. So go ahead, give us your Fashion Grit.