Crib Sheets: Look Smart, People! (Style Guide Part 2)

So you're all moved into your dorm, but is your wardrobe complete? Here are my must-haves for a college student's closet

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So you're off to college—you have your mini-fridge, but do you have the wardrobe? Chances are your closet space (much like your funds) is pretty tight, so choosing versatile pieces that you can wear a lot of different ways will give you more bang for your buck.



Focus on comfortable, stylish items you can wear over and over.


First row: Crop Tie Top; Simple Tote (carry everything you need for class in here); Gingham Shirt (great alone or for layering); Vintage Cords

Second row: Leather Bar Wrap Bracelet; King Tut IPhone Case; Serrano Sneakers

Third row: Peach Sneakers (get some air, walk to class); Baseball Mini Dress (no better time to wear a baseball tee dress than now); Leather Tablet Case; Henley Tee (again, great alone and layered)