Crib Sheets: Back-to-School Fails

As we begin to close out our schooldays blog series, we bring you the 13 best back-to-school fails around. We promise—you'll feel better about your week after this

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Hey Arnold!


We're nearly through school week numero uno, and whatever your struggle—getting the kids to class on time, getting yourself to class on time, or just dealing with the clusterfuck that is downtown—we could all use a little breather. So we scoured the web for some of the best back-to-school fails out there—and, boy, did we find some gems.


Like that time Billy Madison missed the bus... Despite singing a sweet song about getting to go back to school. 



Speaking of bus stops and their accompanying school zones...


Fail Blog


Really, though, it's a tough word...


Elite Daily


Tips 21


But then again some others are tricky, too... 


Epic Fail


Damn Funny Pics



Or sometimes it's the type of shool... shcool. Scohol. SCHOOL that poses the prob. 


Elite Daily


But really—at least those signs didn't say this: 


Damn Funny Pics


While on the topic of students... Class pics are always a struggle, huh?


Fail Blog


Epic Fail


And the solo ones can sometimes be even worse.




World Wide Interweb


But, alas, class is back in session. Happy school year, folks!