Cold Temps = School Delays?

Instant Grit

People up North are scoffing at us. Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Rodgers, and the 77,000+ fans who cheered in the stands of Lambeau Field last night—they're laughing hysterically, asking one another, "Hey, man, did you hear what the pansies down South are doing?"


Yes, while Pittsburg, Detroit, Charleston, West Virginia, and other cities to our north are hunkering down for the some four-plus feet of snow heading their way, we're down here bracing like it's the apocolypse for... 


... some cold temps. Not snow or ice—there's no precip in tomorrow's forecast... Just a low of 18.


And we get it. Any degree with a "teen" on the end is pretty damn cold and will call for our thickest of coats, a scarf, and some mittens. But does it warrant school delays? According to Charleston, Colleton, and Dorchester County School Disctrict officials, yes. Two- to three-hour delays, in fact.


What say we at Grit? Eeeeeeh.


And these guys below? They'd scream "hell no" in a hot second, then happily trade weather forecasts with us. 


(Boston, January 3, 2014, via the Baltimore Sun)


(Boston, January 3, 2014 via Yahoo News)  


(New York City, January 3, 2014, via CBS News)


Well, maybe not this little guy...


(Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, January 1, 2014 via CBS News)


Anyways—kids, faculty members, and teachers: you enjoy your extra two or three hours of shut eye tonight. Meanwhile, the rest of us will bundle up tight and go about business as usual...


(Homepage photo via Post & Courier)