cleaning for guests

Amy Smith



It's that time of year again friends.

Family starts showing up, sometimes unannounced if you are one of my kin, and your house could be in chaos.



Today we're going to chat about cleaning—and not the deep clean that should happen twice a year.

But the oh my gosh everyone will be here in an hour and I have to do something type cleaning.







+ clear off surface areas of clutter

+ grab a rag + surface cleaner and get to cleaning - don't forget to wipe down all of the appliances, containers for coffee/tea/etc, and cabinets

+ place most used items (a few coffee mugs, coffee/tea, spoons) in a nice basket so guests don't have to go hunting






+ clear off surface areas

+ bust out the cleaning products - clean the counter top, scrub the toilet, wipe down any wall lights and mirrors

+ throw the rug in the dryer to shake off that dust

+ put a nice smelling candle + matches in for guests!



Living room:



+ clear off surface areas of clutter

+ sweep / vacuum / mop (or run that swiffer)

+ spray down your furniture with some febreeze or better yet, make your own!



Basically it all boils down to these three tips:



1. dust and de-clutter main gathering areas

2. clean all surfaces guests will be touching/sitting on

3. light a candle + enjoy your home!