The "Charm" Of Southern Charm Is Spreading

The "Charm" Of Southern Charm Is Spreading

Some of our northern neighbors get their first taste of Southern Charm and from the sound of it, they aren't too fond of the flavor.

It's coming.

Like when George Clooney looked up from his fishing boat in "The Perfect Storm" and saw the horizon wide storm barreling down on him, and he knew there was nothing he could do but prepare as best he could. In the same light, or darkness, we are preparing as best we can for the storm that is "Southern Charm." We've all seen the preview, and how "accurately" it paints Charleston's natives, but with Bravo TV (the channel hosting the show) being a heavy hitter in the world of entertainment, other parts of the country are starting to get their first taste of the show, and their reactions might surprise you.

Here, Kristin Iversen, a writer for Brooklyn Magazine, gives her take on some of the images Bravo is trying to portray with one of their ads, and although this northerner might not have a real handle on how things work down here in the South, she does paint a very clear picture. She illustrates that no matter where you're from, north or south, the concept of a show like Southern Charm is good for only one thing; superficial entertainment.

In a little more lighthearted, and informed article, Lia Beck, a writer for Bustle, pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's interesting to see what people who have never lived in Charleston think about Southern Charm, and again as she points out, this reality show will be nothing more than another pointless hour filled, on a channel that's known for it's mind numbingly shallow TV.

If anything, the best part about these two articles was not that complete strangers to Charleston also hate the idea of it, but a quote from Lia in describing one of the characters.

"There's a guy named Shep, because of course there is, and he looks like a Golden Retriever personified."

I wonder if that personification will hold true in describing his appearance, or his affinity for humping things.

Oh yeah, in case you forgot, here you go.

(Images via Bravo, Eonline)