Charleston's Dragtime Cabaret

Betsey Geier

Don’t go alone.

That’s the first lesson I learned when I went to my very first Dragtime Cabaret at the Charleston Performing Arts Center. People will have questions.

The second lesson: bring singles. Lots of them.

If you’ve never been to a cabaret before (I hadn’t), here’s a quick history lesson. Traditional cabarets seek to entertain guests through music, dance, recitation, drama, or a combination of these elements. Guests sit at tables. There is an emcee and the content is often geared toward adult audiences.

A Dragtime Cabaret is like that, only with the performers in Drag.

Maybe you remember this scene from the later years of Friends.

This perfectly sums up what happens at the Dragtime Cabaret. Except, as far as I know, Brooke Collins’ estranged son doesn’t pop by with his fiancé.

The show opens with a song and dance. On this particular evening, perhaps because the James Island junior theater’s production of Hairspray just ended, the troupe performed “You Can’t Stop the Beat.”

Brooke Collins, who is truly hilarious, emcees the “ask the audience” portion of the evening. After explaining warming up the audience and explaining how the show works, she introduces the performers for that evening.

This month, the Dragtime Cabaret featured Brittany Moore, Queen B, and Shariese Ses Pieces.

As the show began, I was transported to what I imagine off-the-strip Las Vegas is really like. There is big hair, feathers, glitz, and glamour. Brittany Moore did a spot-on Beyonce impression and Queen B moves better than Cardi B.

If you are up for a fun-filled evening with a little dirty humor, this show is for you. Bring your gals, your energy, and lots and lots of ones.

Check the Charleston Performing Arts Center’s website for upcoming performances