Charleston Named a Top Foodie City in America

Robin Gibson

By Robin Gibson

In what should come as a shock to no one, Charleston finds itself on another "Best" list. The Holy City this time has been named a top Foodie City in America by the good folks at Wallet Hub. What's special about this honor, though, is that it takes into account the culinary-savvy, cost-conscious consumer.

2019's Best Foodie Cities in America, of which Charleston comes in as a Top 20 contender landing in the 16th spot, factors affordability into its rankings — and that's something we can applaud as the city and its residents begin to suffer from accolade fatigue.

How much is too much exposure when it comes to quality of life? We're not sure. But we welcome this wallet-friendly designation for the financially smart yet high-quality food choices it implies for both tourists and residents alike. The results reveal the importance of cost-effectiveness to the movers and shakers of a culinary scene rife with expensive dining options and experiences. 

For more information on Wallet Hub's findings and methodology visit the full report here.

This is the picture Wallet Hub used to promote their 2019 Best Foodie Cities in America list.