Charleston Artist Collective


One of my favorite things to give to my clients it the web address to the Charleston Artist Collective. Here's how it works: each month, the artists come up with a theme to base their paintings around. You can sign up to receive emails on the first of every month telling you that the new paintings are available. And I'd advise shopping that very day because with prices from $75 to $200 well, paintings go fast! Artists like Dee Schenck Rhodes—the artist behind the 2011 Piccolo Spoleto poster—Anne Darby Parker, and Zach Collins are among the Collective group. I could go on forever about the site but let me just l you one last favorite story. I spent an afternoon with one of my out-of-town clients going through the trunk of Allison's car (Allison Williamson, the director), scavenging like gypsys. We found enough fantastic original pieces to fill all of her bathroom and bedrooms. It was so much fun, like Christmas. If you haven't been there yet, check it out. It's a local gem.